Kira Klaas

Director of Brand, BREX

Nicholas DePaul

UX Research manager, BREX

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Christian San Jose

Founder, UX+ conference

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For UX Beginners

UX Fundamentals Workshop

Sold out as of Aug 19! We'll email you the recording.
  • 5-hour Live Virtual Class, via Zoom
  • Aug 22, 2020, Sat, 10am to 4pm (GMT+8)
  • Participation limited to first 200 attendees. (+100 slots added!)
  • If you miss out on registration, recordings will be available to all Super Early Bird & Early Bird buyers.

workshop facilitator

Christian San Jose

Founder, UX+ conference
Prev. head of design, First circle
What will I get from this UX Fundamentals Workshop?
• A 5-hour training and crash course about the fundamentals of User Experience, and how you can transition into a UX Career. You'll learn about the ins-and-outs of User Experience and Design, with personal case studies, anecdotes, and Q&A.

• Interactive and practical hands-on lectures and activities, including a live guided Usability Testing and Affinity Mapping, as well as a simulated Heuristic Evaluation exercise of websites that are suggested by the participants.

• A certificate of participation and completion, sent to you immediately after the event's conclusion.

• Note: In case of a situation out of our control, we reserve the right to change schedule or speakers.
Who will facilitate the UX Fundamentals workshop?
• Christian San Jose, a UX leader from the Philippines, will be your workshop instructor and facilitator.

• Over the last 13+ years, Christian has lead, co-founded or have been a partner in multiple technology companies that have UX at their core (including First Circle, Make by Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, Jump Digital,, and HS3, among others).

• Christian has given 80+ talks and workshops about design since 2007 — including the Facebook Digital Youth Summit (2017 and 2018), Graphika Manila, International Design Conference, and Canva Creatives Conference.

• Christian is the Founder and lead organizer of UX+ Conference, the largest UX Conference in Asia, held last August 2019 with 1,300 attendees for a first-time event.

• Christian is trained and certified in UX Design by CalArts and Glasgow Caledonian University, and is an incoming Master's Degree student at Hyper Island (SG), for the Master of Arts in Digital Management course.• Christian has hired and directly managed over 70+ UX Designers, Web Designers, and Web Developers in his career, with 40+ just in the last 3 years. He has recruited, hired, managed, lead, and have been in the trenches with the best digital practitioners in the country. He's had over 300+ clients in design and digital since 2007. While leading the different teams, Christian built digital experiences for the top companies in the Philippines (in various industries that include telecommunications, travel, leisure, manufacturing, entertainment, and consumer goods).

• Christian has designed the official logos and websites for the biggest personalities in the world, including Kobe Bryant, Usher, Usain Bolt, James Harden, Albert Pujols, and Dwyane Wade. He's been previously commissioned by Adobe for their global launch, and his design can be found within every commercially released copy of Adobe Illustrator CS5. He has previously won design awards, including the top prize in the Design By Humans $10,000 competition. His designs have been featured in interviews and articles in Entrepreneur Magazine, MTV, the Adobe Blog, Abduzeedo, Envato, CNN, CBS, ANC, and Nickelodeon.
What are the sample UX topics that you will discuss?
Key lessons include:

The UX Basics
What is UX? What do UX designers do? What’s the difference between UX and UI? Why is UX is important for businesses?

The UX Processes
Know the various UX methods such as Journey Mapping, User Interviews, Prototyping, Heuristic Evaluation, among others.

The UX Skills
What are the practical skills that you need to succeed in this role, and how can you continue growing in your UX career?

Conducting Heuristic Evaluations
We will conduct live heuristic evaluations of the websites suggested by the workshop participants. You'll learn how to examine interfaces using a small set of principles and judge its compliance with recognized usability principles.

Conducting Usability Tests
We'll do a live Usability Test, and you'll learn to conduct and analyze a Usability Test, so you can make your product easy, clear, and enjoyable to use, for your users.

I’ll also share with you my resources & bonus content:

• My personal list of the best UX and design books, and where to buy them in Manila. From conceptual books (like “The Design of Everyday Things” by Don Norman) to technical books (like “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steve Krug)

• Q&A: I’ll answer all your questions in an in-depth, 30-minute Question & Answer. And we can extend if there’s enough time!

• And much, much more!

For Mid to Senior-level

The Brand/Product Gap: Keys to Finding Market-Fit

Sold out as of Aug 19! We'll email you the recording.
  • 1.5-hour Live Virtual Class, via Zoom
  • Sep 11, 2020, Fri, 9am to 10:30am (GMT+8)
  • Participation limited to first 100 attendees.
  • If you miss out on registration, recordings will be available to all Super Early Bird & Early Bird buyers.

workshop facilitators

Nicholas DePaul

UX Research manager, BREX
prev. growth strategist, square

Kira Klaas

Director of Brand, BREX
Prev. at Kiva, gusto, & redbubble
What will I get from this Brand/Product Workshop?
Led by two market-fit experts, this workshop will teach you how to:
Identify gaps and trends in how people perceive your business
Create a market fit roadmap
Align your product and brand

You’ll leave this workshop ready to take immediate steps that positively impact your company’s market perception and bottom line.

• Note: In case of a situation out of our control, we reserve the right to change schedule or speakers.
Who will facilitate the Brand/Product workshop?
• Nicholas DePaul leads foundational and iterative research for all product lines and business areas of Brex (a 450+ person fintech unicorn), with focus on future-facing innovation. Previously, he led growth strategy efforts at Square.

• Kira Klaas leads and empowers the Brand Marketing and Brand Design teams at Brex, leading brand design development and brand strategy across corporate messaging, content marketing, and creative channel/campaigns including OOH, consulting closely with executives to bring the Brex brand to life. Previously, she lead the brand teams at Kiva, Gusto, and Redbubble.


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