15 Free tickets to UX+

Shopify has partnered with UX+ to provide 15 UX+ ticket scholarships for underrepresented groups.
Apply if any of the qualifications below applies to you:
People of color
Indigenous persons
People with disabilities
People who identify as LGBTQIA+
New graduates
Full-time students
Nonprofit / educational / government institution
People who are 55 years old or older
People who are currently unemployed / underemployed
People experiencing temporary financial hardship

Limited to 15 scholarships

This scholarship is open to underrepresented groups.

Please note that not every application will be accommodated, and that all applications will be verified. Share this with your friends!

Registrations have closed.

Apply before Sep. 9, 2020.
You'll receive an email on Sep. 9 if you're chosen.

Select your underrepresented group
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